12 Rounds (2009)

12 Rounds (2009)

Director: Renny Harlin

Cast: John Cena as Danny Fisher, Aidan Gillen as Miles Jackson, Ashley Scott as Molly Porter, Steve Harris as George Aiken, Brian J. White as Hank Carver (as Brian White), Gonzalo Menendez as Ray Santiago, Taylor Cole as Erica Kessen, Kyle Russell Clements as Dave Fisher (as Kyle Clements), Peter Navy Tuiasosopo as Willie Dumaine, Travis Davis as Anthony Deluso, Nick Gomez as Samuel, Brian Stanton as FBI Agent Gator (as Brian Decaro), Rosalind Rubin as FBI Agent Sheila, Billy Slaughter as Technician, Kim Collins as Phil the Plumber

I caught one of the very first screenings of 12 Rounds in Brisbane

The latest of WWE Films 12 Rounds is a solid attempt at an action
movie. The well rounded bad guy character is explored well although his
main motivations is some time unclear. The story is excellent with many
twists and turns accompanied with high explosions and solid car chases
and gun fights.

The acting is where this film plains sucks. Cena does his best and
comes of one of the best in the film. The main bad guy Irish accident
at times comes of as very bland and plain weird. The actress that plays
Molly just plain sucks!! This movie would've been much better if she
never opened her mouth! Definintly worth checking out. Great action

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