Reservoir Dogs(1992)

Director:Quentin Tarantino
This is the movie that consecrated Quentin Tarantino at the Sundance film festival. His debut film is defining his style and marks a new era in the cinematographic world.
The movie is a thriller, it's like a detective story where you hope to guess who is the perpetrator before the book ends. In this case, a diamond heist goes wrong, and after fleeing from the crime scene, the criminals begin to suspect each other. Who is the informer?
It's a realistic movie about criminal life, brought to life by great acting thanks to Harvey Keitel(as Mr.White), Tim Roth(as Mr.Orange), Michael Madsen(as Mr.Blonde), Steve Buscemi(as Mr.Pink), Edward Bunker(as Mr.Blue), Quentin Tarantino(as Mr.Brown), Chris Penn as Nice Guy Eddie.

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