The Fog (1980)

The Fog (1980)

Director: John Carpenter

Cast: Adrienne Barbeau as Stevie Wayne, Jamie Lee Curtis as Elizabeth Solley, Janet Leigh as Kathy Williams, John Houseman as Mr. Machen, Tom Atkins as Nick Castle, James Canning as Dick Baxter, Charles Cyphers as Dan O'Bannon, Nancy Kyes as Sandy Fadel (as Nancy Loomis), Ty Mitchell as Andy, Hal Holbrook as Father Malone, John F. Goff as Al Williams (as John Goff), George 'Buck' Flower as Tommy Wallace, Regina Waldon as Mrs. Kobritz, Jim Haynie as Dockmaster, Darrow Igus as Mel

"The Fog" is one of the very few real scary movies. For some reason
phones that begin ringing on their own and car alarms that go off
without any reason, is still much more scarier than a CGI-ghost
appearing out of a wall. John Carpenter has always been a master in
creating scary, creepy scene's with minimal resources but maximum
scare. If you also liked this movies, I also recommend "In the Mouth of
Madness" to you, a criminally underrated horror masterpiece, also
directed by John Carpenter.

The movie has a good and original creepy story with awesome ghostly
figures and gore, without any blood. It is notable that this movie had
a low budget which works perfectly for the dark, depressing atmosphere.
The movie is quite short and because of that the movie feels
'incomplete', if like not all of the events are covered in the story,
this is also due to the fact that the movie has an open ending of
course like almost every horror movie has. For some reason, because of
this 'incomplete' feeling the movie feels even creepier.

The movie has some good actors in it. Remember this movie was made back
in the days when it still was OK for well known actors to appear in
horror movies. Present day, only young unknown actors seem to appear in
horror movies. This movie stars; Jamie Lee Curtis, Janet Leigh
("Psycho") and Hal Holbrook. Not the worlds worst actors if you ask me.
It's especially amazing that all of those three are in this one movie,
considering the low budget of the movie.

This movie is perfect in what it tries to achieve. It creates a perfect
horror atmosphere, with a typical creepy musical score by John
Carpenter himself and has some good creepy moments in it. This is one
of the rare real scary movies ever made. "The Fog" is an unique and
original horror movie and sadly, horror movies like this will never be
made again.


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