The Last Drop (2005)

The Last Drop (2005)

Director: Colin Teague

Cast: Laurence Fox as SS Major Kessler, Louis Dempsey as Snyder, Lucy Gaskell as Benitta, Coral Beed as Saskia, Andrew Howard as Cpl Edward Banks, Jack Dee as Warren, Neil Newbon as Cpl Rhys Powell, Nick Moran as Pvt Alan Ives, Rafe Spall as Pvt. David Wellings, Tommy Flanagan as Pvt Dennis Baker, Sean Pertwee as Sgt Bill McMillan, Billy Zane as Flt Sgt Robert Oates, Neil Jackson as Flt Sgt Simkins, Steve Speirs as Gustav Hansfeldt, Agathe de La Boulaye as Katrina

This filmed sucked from the start. Its just as well the guy in command
at the beginning of the film got shot coz his accent was so
indescribable and annoying. And what chances did they have with a dim
wit medic like that. Who ever did the music hadn't a clue, especially
when Mr Madsen appears and its some sleazy late night bar jazz music
going on and as for the lame rock music in parts..well not exactly on a
1940's theme are they. I can understand the makers were trying to be
funny but it was as funny as dying of dysentery in a muddy trench. Also
were the black & white cut scenes really necessary. Yes war really did
happen. In fact they were probably more interesting than the rest of
the film. For the few good actors it starred it could have been a great
film but alas the script was weak. Worst war film I've watched since
'We were Soldiers'. Madsen was in it purely to boost the sales. I feel
raped of my time watching this. Harsh I know but what a disappointment.
Give me Kelly Heroes any day.

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