Transporter 3 (2008)

Transporter 3 (2008)

Director: Olivier Megaton

Cast: Jason Statham as Frank Martin, Natalya Rudakova as Valentina, François Berléand as Inspector Tarconi, Robert Knepper as Johnson, Jeroen Krabbé as Leonid Vasilev, Alex Kobold as Leonid's Aide, David Atrakchi as Malcom Manville, Yann Sundberg as Flag, Eriq Ebouaney as Ice, David Kammenos as Driver Market, Silvio Simac as Mighty Joe, Oscar Relier as Thug / Driver, Timo Dierkes as Otto, Igor Koumpan as Cop Ukraine, Paul Barrett as Captain

I remember one day when my brother in law told me to watch this great
movie with action and fighting and the like and told me i wouldn't be
disappointed. It was the Transporter the first in this trio of Jason
Statham films and i have to say i was shocked i hadn't heard of it
because even though low budget it was an enjoyable film. The second
came along and was again very watchable and exciting and then i thought
great the third instalment. This was nothing short of diabolical,the
fight scenes were edited really badly and the camera work so fast you
couldn't focus on anything,it was very sloppy and the the acting was
very questionable. If you are a fan of the previous movies you will
probably watch this but i bet you will be disappointed.

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