The Horseman (2008)

The Horseman (2008)

Director: Steven Kastrissios

Cast: Peter Marshall as Christian, Caroline Marohasy as Alice, Brad McMurray as Derek, Jack Henry as Finn, Evert McQueen as Jim, Christopher Sommers as Pauly, Bryan Probets as Walters, Steve Tandy as Devlin, Chris Betts as Hilton, Damon Gibson as Chuck, Hannah Levien as Jesse, Ron Kelly as Det. Adams, Robyn Moore as Irene, Warren Meacham as Richards, Greg Quinn as Kenneth

A down-and-dirty revenge flick from down under, The Horseman does a
fine job of building sympathy for it's main characters alongside some
real moments of stomach-turning nastiness.

Peter Marshall plays Christian, an average guy who works as a pest
controller. His life takes a downward turn when he has to go and
identify the corpse of his daughter. Things get further out of whack
when he receives a video through his letterbox, a nasty porn movie
starring his deceased loved one. With vengeance in mind, Christian sets
out to find who made the movie and who starred in it. On his journey,
he ends up picking up and befriending young Alice (Caroline Marohasy)
but he still has a job to do despite the positive effect the girl has
on his state of mind.

With it's gritty subject matter and painful moments of realistic
violence, The Horseman certainly isn't for family viewing but it IS a
movie that should/could appeal to more than just fans of darker
cinematic fare. Marshall and Marohasy, the main players here, are both
excellent and Marshall, in particular, excels no matter what his
character is going through. There's real emotional turmoil there, real
frustration, real regret and real anger. Nothing here feels false even
though Christian is, clearly, no muscle-bound superman.

Writer-director Steven Kastrissios does very well with his first
feature, impressing with his handling of the material, the actors and
the choice of what to show and what to keep hidden. I hope this film
reaches a decent audience and I hope that Kastrissios goes on to make
some more movies of this calibre.

See this if you like: Death Wish, Dead Man's Shoes, Death Sentence.

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