The Promotion (2008)

The Promotion (2008)

Director: Steve Conrad

Cast: Seann William Scott as Doug Stauber, Chris Conrad as Teddy Grahams, Rick Gonzalez as Ernesto, Adrian Martinez as Octavio, Maestro Harrell as First Kid in Parking Lot, Kristopher Lofton as Second Kid in Parking Lot, Jarreau Brown as Third Kid in Parking Lot, Edwin Walker as Fourth Kid in Parking Lot (as Edwin M. Walker), Jamaal C. Adams as Fifth Kid in Parking Lot, Mario Larraza as Edgar, Tory O. Davis as Keith, Fred Armisen as Scott Fargas, Bobby Cannavale as Dr. Timms, Jenna Fischer as Jen Stauber, Richard Henzel as Motivational Speaker

Ever sat through one of those movies that you're hoping something's
going to happen - and it doesn't? The Promotion is one such movie.
Here's the uninspiring story of two guys - both intent on being
promoted within a corporate supermarket franchise.

That's the premise - short and sweet. Naturally there's some tension
between both men competing for the position, but overall the humor is
weak; the competitive nature of the applicants is unconvincing and the
story flat-lines a couple of minutes into the film.

John C. Reilly is the hopeful manager from Canada while the incumbent
is Seann William Scott.

There's nothing to it, nothing to expect and with only a hint of
infidelity or upheaval, it's best left out of the spotlight -
preferably collecting dust someplace in a $1 rental outlet...

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