The Hunting Party (2007)

The Hunting Party (2007)

Director: Richard Shepard

Cast: Terrence Howard as Duck, Richard Gere as Simon Hunt, Gordana Vukres as Girl at Awards Ceremony, James Brolin as Franklin Harris, Sanela Seferagic as Sexy Assistant, Damir Saban as Gert, Aleksandra Grdic as TriBeCa Loft Girl, Jesse Eisenberg as Benjamin Strauss, John W. Falk as Journalist #1, Scott Anderson as Journalist #2, Harald Doornbos as Journalist #3, Philippe Deprez as Journalist #4, Erich Rathfelder as Journalist #5, Zan Marolt as Journalist #6, Ljubomir Kerekes as The Fox

This film is about a disgraced journalist trying to hunt down the most
wanted war criminal in Bosnia.

I understand that a topic like this would attract rather polarised
opinion. Putting aside the historical facts or political opinion, I
think this film is well made and acted. It has thrilling and comedic
elements. Just as things start to get slow, there are gunshots, car
chases and road blocks to pump up the action. And just when the thrill
gets too much, there are fun and relaxing scenes. The ending is strong
and affecting, and it sends out a strong political message (or protest)
about how the West is not doing their job. Jesse Eisenberg's role as
Benjamin is a little redundant, but still I thought "The Hunting Party"
was a good film.

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