Undercover Brother (2002)

Undercover Brother (2002)

Director: Malcolm D. Lee

Cast: Eddie Griffin as Undercover Brother / Anton Jackson, Chris Kattan as Mr. Feather, Denise Richards as White She Devil, Aunjanue Ellis as Sistah Girl, Dave Chappelle as Conspiracy Brother, Chi McBride as The Chief, Neil Patrick Harris as Lance, Gary Anthony Williams as Smart Brother, Billy Dee Williams as Gen. Warren Boutwell, Jack Noseworthy as Mr. Elias, Robert Trumbull as The Man, J.D. Hall as Narrator (voice), William B. Taylor as Roscoe the Barber (as William Taylor), Shauna MacDonald as Wendy Marshall - TV Anchor, Ron Pardo as Chuck

Many films in the history of the cinema
have been difficult to identify, and this
one embodies some of the typical
exasperations of critiquing film. Definitely
a hit or miss film, you either have to
know about the blaxploitation movement
of have a very low sense of humor. Since
I have both attributes, I give this movie
a 6/10. Some of the moments were
genuinely funny and entertaining, but
overall, I probably wouldn't pay to see
this film (I work at a theater, and get to
see this stuff for free). Eddie Griffin was
surrounded by a rather solid supporting
cast which seemed to parody all of the
common elements of a typical blaxploitation
film. But then again, is this film really
anti-white propaganda or some silly
parody? It's hard to tell, which means
the decision is certainly up to the viewer.

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