Winged Creatures (2008)

Winged Creatures (2008)

Director: Rowan Woods

Cast: Kate Beckinsale as Carla Davenport, Forest Whitaker as Charlie Archenault, Guy Pearce as Dr. Bruce Laraby, Dakota Fanning as Anne Hagen, Jeanne Tripplehorn as Doris Hagen, Embeth Davidtz as Joan Laraby, Troy Garity as Ron Abler, Josh Hutcherson as Jimmy Jaspersen, Jackie Earle Haley as Bob Jaspersen, Robin Weigert as Lydia Jasperson, Jennifer Hudson as Kathy Hammett, Tim Guinee as Aaron Hagen, Marty Maguire as Gunman, Hayley McFarland as Lori Carline, James LeGros as Dr. Dan Howard

Sorry, this film does not work. It will not be a classic, it will die
onto the back catalogs for a buck a week and one day make GRAND CANYON
look like a classic by comparison. Lame slow turgid predictable and
worst of all boring. Don't blame the cast, they were laboring. The
photography is flat and boring and fails to inform the plot. Looks like
the shoot days were from 10 am till 3 pm with a long lunch break. The
budget spent on the cast looks like it robbed the shoot of anything
you'd like to see normally. The director should hang eastern block DPs
before he makes a TV movie like this rubbish again. This is not Crash
light crash2 or crash the early years its just crap. Would have been
better with some decent art direction, photography, music and a re
think of the story...IE. don't do any of it.

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