The Lodger (2009)

The Lodger (2009)

Director: David Ondaatje

Cast: Alfred Molina as Chandler Manning, Hope Davis as Ellen Bunting, Shane West as Street Wilkenson, Donal Logue as Bunting, Philip Baker Hall as Captain Smith, Rachael Leigh Cook as Amanda, Rebecca Pidgeon as Dr. Jessica Westmin, Simon Baker as Malcolm, François Chau as Sam, Mel Harris as Margaret, Michael O'Hagan as Bruce Lester, Roy Werner as Dr. Stevens, Ernie Grunwald as Gregor, Virginia Williams as Rachel Madison, David Storrs as Warehouse Attendant

This is not really a remake of the previous movies concerning a
mysterious lodger at an Inn that might be Jack the Ripper. This takes
place in modern Los Angeles, and concerns a couple that need to rent
their guest house, and the Wife (Hope Davis) rents to a mysterious
stranger that might be responsible for a series of Jack the Ripper type
murders occurring. Alfred Molina is the detective in charge of the
murders who brought a suspect to court 7 years earlier, who was then
executed for similar murders, but now the murders appear to be exactly
the same as the executed guy. In fact, as the investigation goes on,
the killer is following exactly the Jack the Ripper killings. This is a
good one, the whole premise is very interesting, especially to fans of
Jack the Ripper movies. Simon Baker plays the mysterious lodger, but
then again, nobody has seen him except the Wife, and when an
investigation takes place, developments dictate, everything is not as
it suggests. Good mystery, check this one out.

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