The Grudge (2004)

The Grudge (2004)

Director: Takashi Shimizu

Cast: Sarah Michelle Gellar as Karen, Jason Behr as Doug, William Mapother as Matthew, Clea DuVall as Jennifer, KaDee Strickland as Susan, Grace Zabriskie as Emma, Bill Pullman as Peter, Rosa Blasi as Maria, Ted Raimi as Alex, Ryo Ishibashi as Nakagawa, Yoko Maki as Yoko, Yuya Ozeki as Toshio, Takako Fuji as Kayako, Takashi Matsuyama as Takeo, Hiroshi Matsunaga as Igarashi

This is what I wrote to some friends earlier:

HOLY CRAP, The Grudge is, honest to God, one of the scariest films I've
ever seen! I am either getting very soft in my old age, or Sam Raimi
and Ghost Pictures did a KICK A** job! (Can't wait for Boogeyman!)

I was very scared sitting in the dark theater and wished I had someone,
anyone, sitting next to me (except the protagonist in Grudge. I saw the
movie by myself.) I swear, there were many many jump scenes that were
NOT expected! I felt foolish but my nerves did not care! I was on edge
the entire movie, from the opening credits, and the music was
fantastically scary. I keep thinking of that sound, though, and I DO

I actually gasped aloud a few times, and cried, "oh" at one scene!! Oh,
yeah, I even half-covered my eyes a few times! Word to the wise,
though: I thought some of the scenes were a little psychotic. My DH
hated Event Horizon and thought whoever wrote it was sick and psycho,
but I don't remember the movie so can't compare.

I can't say I "enjoyed" this movie b/c I was terrified, but it was very
very good and scary. The ending scene, too...whoa! For being a
32-year-old-mommy, I think I may have nightmares from this movie,
especially because of that sound. Please get out of my head ;)

In summary, this is not a slasher flick like I grew up with (Jason,
Freddy). This is a most-of-the-time spooky movie. Perfect for

Two great trailers for this movie were Boogeyman and The Ring 2!!

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