Against the Dark (2009) (V)

Against the Dark (2009) (V)

Director: Richard Crudo

Cast: Steven Seagal as Tao, Tanoai Reed as Tagart, Jenna Harrison as Dorothy, Linden Ashby as Cross, Emma Catherwood as Amelia, Stephen Hagan as Ricky, Daniel Percival as Dylan, Skye Bennett as Charlotte, Tania Dobre as Attendant #1, Mihaela Constantin as Attendant #2, Danny Midwinter as Morgan, Keith David as Lt. Waters, Clay Donahue Fontenot as Harrington, Stephen Haynes as Soldier, Stefan Iancu as Young Boy

Well I watched this movie last night with my girlfriend.... And Ill say
right now one reason it might have seemed worse to me is because I was
watching it with my girlfriend and she sat there the hole time saying
how bad it was, and how much weight Seagal has put on lol. HOWEVER this
movie straight up was just horrible.

I am a huge fan of Seagal HUGE... I even liked some of his movies most
people didn't, like Mercenary For Justice, Shadown Man, and Attack
Force... lol OK jk about the last one.

But this movie........ there just was nothing good about it. It started
off VERY boring, showing these people walking through a hospital and
the one guy who played the Stonner (I thought) did a terrible job of
acting. It would show a little piece of Seagal and his crew just to
remind you that they are still in the movie... The final I would say...
20 minutes was decent with some good fighting. However the movie was
SOOOO dark you couldn't see a thing which was very annoying.

I could get into every single detail, but you catch my drift. This
movie (as lots have mentioned) Is NOT a Seagal movie. I actually heard
from a few people that he took the script just for fun and support this

Skip this piece of crap and wait for Ruslan to come out, as that
actually looks like it could be in comparison to Urban Justice and
Pistol Whipped.

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