Baby on Board (2009)

Baby on Board (2009)

Director: Brian Herzlinger

Cast: Jerry O'Connell as Curtis Marks, Heather Graham as Angela Marks, John Corbett as Danny Chambers, Lara Flynn Boyle as Mary Radcliffe (as Laura Flynn Boyle), Katie Finneran as Sylvia Chambers, Anthony Starke as Dr. Taylor, Brian Sills as Raphy (as Brian Sillis), Heather Prete as Mrs. Jenkins, John Turk as Chauffeur, Jessica Zorn as Meghan, Jaiden Hidalgo as Ryan, Kirk Anderson as Mr. Rhohe, Peggy Roeder as Ella, Bob Weagant as Morris Jenkins, Keith Uchima as Mr. Namashuto

I just don't know what studio people are thinking when agree to make
something like this. The general storyline has been done 100 times..
you know, philandering men, women who are insecure, dysfunctional
relationships, an upstart in the office waiting for her big break, lots
of cursing and bad sex jokes, seductive goldigger wives, divorce court
drama, etc.

But this film was even worse than it sounds. I can usually watch almost
anything, even total c grade junk. But this looked like even the
players were in pain trying to say their lines. Lara Flynn Boyle looked
more botoxed out than Joan Rivers, the men in it are all snakes and
liars, everyone is cheating on everyone, and not one line is funny. The
fart jokes are even horrible (which is pretty hard to screw those up)
All in all, this was another horrible waste of perfectly good
celluloid. Not sure what Heather Graham was thinking here either, as
she has now added to her list of atrocious films.

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