Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia (2009) (V)

Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia (2009) (V)

Director: Tim Matheson

Cast: Joe Manganiello as Lt. Sean Macklin, Ken Anderson as MCPO Carter Holt (as Mr. Kennedy), Channon Roe as CPO Kevin Derricks, Yancey Arias as Alvaro Cardona, Chris J. Johnson as PO3 Steve Gaines, Antony Matos as PO2 Greg Armstrong, Keith David as Cmdr. Scott Boytano, Jennice Fuentes as Nicole Jenkins, Steven Bauer as Gen. Manuel Valez, Tim Matheson as Carl Dobbs, Luzangeli Justiniano as Maria Cardona, Anibal O. Lleras as Carlos Rivera, Rey Hernandez as Ramirez (as Rey Hernández), Roy Sánchez-Vahamondes as TV Reporter (as Roy Sánchez-Vahamonde), Tom Minder as Op-Tech

This straight to DVD release is the third installment of the 2001 film
staring Owen Wilson and Gene Hackman. Personally, I didn't even know
there was a sequel to the original, but considering this is a WWE
produced film staring Mr Kennedy, who was I not to watch this? The
storyline is pretty basic, navy SEALS organize an attack on Colombian
Special Forces to clear their names and rescue a hostage which is one
of their own. After watching this I can see why this was a straight to
DVD release, it was really bad! The acting was remarkably horrible, and
the storyline was equally as bad, but I wasn't expecting anything more
then a cheesy action/war film with cheesy one liners, and that is
exactly what I got! My Rating: 3.5/10

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