Big Nothing (2006)

Big Nothing (2006)

Director: Jean-Baptiste Andrea

Cast: David Schwimmer as Charlie, Simon Pegg as Gus, Alice Eve as Josie McBroom, Jon Polito as Agent Hymes, Natascha McElhone as Penelope Wood, Mimi Rogers as Mrs. Smalls, Billy Asher as Deputy Garman, Julian Glover as 80 year old Blind Man, Olivia Peterson as Emily, Sarah Edmondson as Isabella, Amber Sealey as Call Center Supervisor, Shauna Shim as Melanie 1, Laurence Bouvard as Melanie 2, Mindy Lee Raskin as Melanie 3, Kenneth Jay as Barman

Big Nothing is a great comedy, with plot twists and humour all the way
through this movie. I found that the movie started off nice and quickly
and which really gets you right into the story. I think that David
Schwimmer is amazing and also Simon Pegg playing as Gus, as the two
actors are a great combination and also Alice Eve acted well. Being
honest i didn't wont this movie to end...

The story will NOT bore you at all, through the beginning, middle and
end. i liked the movie a lot because of the cast, story plot and
surprises through out the movie. It would of been nicer with an extra
few minutes in the film because of the length, but there is many extras
on the DVD, to view. Highly Recommended as a top movie.

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