The Burrowers (2008)

The Burrowers (2008)

Director: J.T. Petty

Cast: Clancy Brown as John Clay, Steph Delgado as Burrower #3 (as Stephanie Delgado), David Busse as Young Bluecoat, William Mapother as William Parcher, Jocelin Donahue as Maryanne Stewart, Alexandra Edmo as Faith, Brighid Fleming as Little Sister, Karl Geary as Fergus Coffey, Christopher Hagen as Father, Doug Hutchison as Henry Victor, Galen Hutchison as Dobie Spacks, Laura Leighton as Gertrude Spacks, Harley Coriz as Short Ute, Suzi McLaughlin as Mother, Tatanka Means as Tall Ute

On 11 August 1879, in the Dakota Territories, the Irish Fergus Coffey
(Karl Geary) intends to propose his beloved Maryanne Stewart; however
her family is attacked apparently by the Sioux and they vanish. Fergus
joins to the experienced John Clay (Clancy Brown) and William Parcher
(William Mapother) and a teenager to track down the family of settlers.
Along their journey, the team-up with the army troop led by the
sadistic and racist Captain Henry Victor (Doug Hutchison) that also
believes that the Sioux are responsible for the abduction of the
families in the territory. The quartet has friction with Henry and
decides to ride without the escort of the army and the black cook
Callaghan (Sean Patrick Thomas) decides to travel with the group. After
an Indian attack in the woods, the survivors discovers that the Sioux
are not responsible for the slaughters but actually a pack of
carnivorous creatures from underground called The Burrowers and they
have to fight to survive.

"The Burrowers" is a creepy, original, weird and brutal film in the
environment of the Wild West, with good special effects. However these
effects are too graphic and gruesome and most of the characters are
non- likable. Doug Hutchison, from X-Files, performs a sadistic and
racist captain of the army and his character is really hateful. The
conclusion is pessimist and the black humor never works. My vote is

Title (Brazil): "Escavadores" ("Burrowers")

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