Coach Carter (2005)

Coach Carter (2005)

Director: Thomas Carter

Cast: Samuel L. Jackson as Coach Ken Carter, Rob Brown as Kenyon Stone, Robert Ri'chard as Damien Carter, Rick Gonzalez as Timo Cruz, Nana Gbewonyo as Junior Battle, Antwon Tanner as Worm, Channing Tatum as Jason Lyle, Ashanti as Kyra, Texas Battle as Maddux, Denise Dowse as Principal Garrison, Debbi Morgan as Tonya, Mel Winkler as Coach White, Vincent Laresca as Renny, Sidney Faison as Ty Crane, Octavia Spencer as Mrs. Battle

Honestly, I don't care about dates. I don't care about names, or stats,
or if the writers got a bunch of stats confused. I mean did you
actually watch the movie, or were you just looking at the screen for
misprints on jerseys? To believe that some people can actually watch a
movie and then complain that the time line is off with reality is
beyond my comprehension. Who cares about the time line! It's not
reality that you're watching, it's a movie. Movies, no matter how real
the stories they are based on, are not real. They are altered. They are
changed to make a better storyline.

If people can be dense enough to complain about names and numbers and
dates, then they missed the big picture. They missed a great movie that
actually conveys a real message. It's not about the sports, it's about
the students. And it's not always about what you put in, it's about
what you take out. It's about what you take away from the situation
that you've walked into.

That's what this movie is about, not about basketball. It's about life,
and how easily people give in and give up. It's about learning, and
having faith that people will do the right thing. Yes, it's about
public education, and a community on the edge of stupid, but there's
more to it than that. You just have to stop looking, and watch.

This movie truly was excellent, right up there on the shelf next to
"With Honors." But make sure you are really paying attention,
otherwise, what's the point?

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