Defendor (2009)

Defendor (2009)

Director: Peter Stebbings

Cast: Woody Harrelson as Arthur Poppington / Defendor, Elias Koteas as Chuck Dooney, Michael Kelly as Paul Carter, Sandra Oh as Dr. Ellen Park, Kat Dennings as Kat Debrofkowitz, Clark Johnson as Captain Fairbanks, Lisa Ray as Dominique Ball, Alan C. Peterson as Kristic (as A.C. Peterson), Kristin Booth as Wendy Carter, Charlotte Sullivan as Fay Poppington, Tony Nappo as Biker Cliff, Ron White as Judge Wilson, David Gardner as Grandpa Henry, Bryan Renfro as Mr. Debrofkowitz, Max Dreesen as Young Arthur

The only reason I can think of why a person would give this movie a bad
review is that it wasn't the movie they expected. I liked it from the
first minute to the last, and I didn't know what to expect. I can't
think of a single flaw in this very low budget film, so in comparison
to some of the disappointing big popular movies out there that have
expensive visible flaws, I give Defendor a big YES. Woody did a very
good job on this film. I can see by his performance that he enjoyed
making it and I enjoyed watching him.

I was disappointed in Woody Harrelson's previous acting in the "2012"
monstrous mess where he painfully overacted and seemed to be telling
the audience that it was all a bad joke. Defendor made up for that.

Woody proved that you don't have to have expensive green-screen special
effects to make a good movie. It can be done with acting talent. Thank
you Woody!

Relax your mind, see the movie, let yourself enjoy it.

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