Diary of the Dead (2007)

Diary of the Dead (2007)

Director: George A. Romero

Cast: Michelle Morgan as Debra Moynihan, Joshua Close as Jason Creed (as Josh Close), Shawn Roberts as Tony Ravello, Amy Ciupak Lalonde as Tracy Thurman (as Amy Lalonde), Joe Dinicol as Eliot Stone, Scott Wentworth as Andrew Maxwell, Philip Riccio as Ridley Wilmott, Chris Violette as Gordo Thorsen, Tatiana Maslany as Mary Dexter, Todd Schroeder as Brody (as Todd William Schroeder), Daniel Kash as Police Officer, Laura DeCarteret as Bree, Martin Roach as Stranger, Megan Park as Francine Shane, George Buza as Tattooed Biker

At first I was apprehensive about this new entry in Romero's Dead
series, but that pretty much disappeared after the first scene. The
fact that the film was shot all in subjective camera doesn't result in
a gimmicky, incoherent mess, like, say, the Blair Witch, but is used
intelligently and effectively.

The scares and effects were great, and the movie actually takes a
rather complicated approach to the topic of today's media-saturated
environment, rather than being a crude polemic.

My only complaint would be that the voice-over and dialogue were a
little clunky at times, overexplaining things that could have been
inferred without too much trouble. That's a minor problem though.
Overall, a totally worthy entry in the series.

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