Dou fo sin (2007)

Dou fo sin (2007)

Director: Wilson Yip

Cast: Donnie Yen as Det. Sgt. Ma Jun, Louis Koo as Wilson, Collin Chou as Tony, Ray Lui as Archer Sin (as Lui Leung Wai), Bingbing Fan as Julie (as Fan Bing Bing), Kent Cheng as Inspector Wong, Yu Xing as Tiger (as Xing Yu), Qing Xu as Madam Lau (as Xu Qing), Ben Lam as Sam, Lan Law as Madam Ma (as Law Lan), Ping Ha as Tony's Mum (as Ha Ping), Irene Wang as Cindy, Austin Wai as Four Eyes, Wai Ai as Hero (as Al Wai), Chi Wai Wong as Baldy (as Wong Chi Wai)

Flashpoint is a beautifully shot film that moves a long at a fast pace.
I was never much of a Donnie Yen fan but I have been converted to one
after seeing this film. Hollywood needs to bring him back, at least as
an action choreographer. The action scenes in this film are far more
sophisticated than anything Hollywood is doing.

Wilson Yip did an amazing job as director. It's a shame this didn't get
a U.S. theatrical release. If Hollywood is smart, they will recruit

Bingbing Fan is a beauty that should also be brought to Hollywood.

Flashpoint doesn't break new ground in terms of it being a typical cops
and gangsters flick, but it is as good as any of them.

The fights are excellent and realistic.

Flashpoint is highly recommended for HK movie fans.

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