Far North (2007)

Far North (2007)

Director: Asif Kapadia

Cast: Michelle Yeoh as Saiva, Michelle Krusiec as Anja, Sean Bean as Loki, Gary Pillai as Ivar, Bjarne Østerud as Shaman (as Bjarne Osterud), Sven Henriksen as Ivar's father, Neeru Agarwal as Ivar's mother, Per Egil Aske as Andrei, Håkan Niva as Slim, Espen Prestbakmo as Baldy, Jan Olav Dahl as Soldier, Tommy Silkavuopio as Soldier with Boat #1, Mark van de Weg as Soldier with Boat #2, Daniel Wilton as Background Player, Thor Alexander Gundersen as Background Player

I stumbled upon this movie by accident,and I cant say I regret watching

The cinematography is simply breath-taking,for those who actually care
about the technical aspect of a movie.

But the whole film is,in fact,a very immersing character study and all
the few characters really feel real and authentic. The main performers
amazed me with their talent.

I recommend it to all the open-minded cinema lovers out there.

I don't don't want to give away anything from the storyline,

I just hope people will remember it

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