Godsend (2004)

Godsend (2004)

Director: Nick Hamm

Cast: Greg Kinnear as Paul Duncan, Rebecca Romijn as Jessie Duncan (as Rebecca Romijn-Stamos), Robert De Niro as Richard Wells, Cameron Bright as Adam Duncan, Merwin Mondesir as Maurice, Young Thug, Sava Drayton as Young Thug #2, Jake Simons as Dan Sandler, Elle Downs as Clara Sandler, Edie Inksetter as Footlocker Cashier, Raoul Bhaneja as Samir Miklat, Jenny Levine as Sandra Shaw, Thomas Chambers as Jordan Shaw, Munro Chambers as Max Shaw, Jeff Christensen as Hal Shaw, Deborah Odell as Tanya

If you want to watch the "Godsend" go dig out the original 1980 flick.
Although not quite the same story - it leaves this for dead! An
exercise in how to completely antagonise an audience. The thing appears
to be the result of almost daily-re-writes and a veritable conga-line
of replaced directors (It wasn't) In support of the theory the makers
had no idea what they were trying to achieve, the DVD itself has no
less than FOUR alternate endings - three of which are better than the
theatrical release.

The end result is neither scary, horrific, edgy...or even interesting!
Up until the "Hey, have I got a cloning offer for you?" sequence, the
flick had possibilities - not many admittedly...but some at least!
You've got De Niro spouting epithets of medical babble but at least
"looking" purposeful. Kinnear with all the charisma of a dead lemur and
the ever statuesque Rebecca Romijn-Stamos taking up the slack as
"Adam's" mom. Speaking of "Adam," (Cameron Bright)...has any kid ever
had less cinematic appeal? When all is said and done.....nothing much
is explained and the film simply "stops" rather than ends. Personally I
think the IMDb's 4.7 is overly kind!

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