He's Just Not That Into You (2009)

He's Just Not That Into You (2009)

Director: Ken Kwapis

Cast: Morgan Lily as 5 yr. old Girl, Trenton Rogers as 6 yr. old Boy, Michelle Carmichael as Mother, Jasmine Woods as Crying 20-Something (as Kristen Faye Hunter), Sabrina Revelle as Consoling Friend, Zoe Jarman as Sorority Girl #1, Alia Rhiana Eckerman as Sorority Girl #2, Julia Pennington as Sous Chef #1, Renee Scott as Sous Chef #2, Chihiro Fujii as Tokyo Girl #1, Sachiko Ishida as Tokyo Girl #2, Claudia DiMartino as Jogger #1, Eve Curtis as Jogger #2, Carmen Perez as Army Recruit #1, Traycee King as Army Recruit #2

A group of interconnected, Baltimore-based twenty- and
thirty-somethings navigate their various relationships from the shallow
end of the dating pool through the deep, murky waters of married life,
trying to read the signs of the opposite sex... and hoping to be the
exceptions to the "no-exceptions" rule.

Gigi just wants a man who says he'll call—and does—while Alex advises
her to stop sitting by the phone. Beth wonders if she should call it
off after years of committed singlehood with her boyfriend, Neil, but
he doesn't think there's a single thing wrong with their unmarried
life. Janine's not sure if she can trust her husband, Ben, who can't
quite trust himself around Anna. Anna can't decide between the sexy
married guy, or her straightforward, no-sparks standby, Conor, who
can't get over the fact that he can't have her. And Mary, who's found
an entire network of loving, supportive men, just needs to find one
who's straight.

If you've ever sat by the phone wondering why he said he would call,
but didn't, or if you can't figure out why she doesn't want to sleep
with you anymore, or why your relationship just isn't going to the next
level... he (or she) is just not that into you. He's Just Not That Into
You 7/10

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