Icarus (2010)

Icarus (2010)

Director: Dolph Lundgren

Cast: Dolph Lundgren as Edward Genn / Icarus, Stefanie von Pfetten as Joey (as Stefanie Von Pfetten), Samantha Ferris as Kerr, David Lewis as Mr. Graham, Lindsay Maxwell as April, John Tench as Serge, Bo Svenson as Vadim, Katelyn Mager as Taylor, Monique Ganderton as Kim, Slavi Slavov as Oleg, Stephen Chang as Chinese Boss John (as Stephen M.D. Chang), Igor Morozov as Russian Officer, Mike Carpenter as Young Icarus, Marian Koprada as Young Vadim, Chantal Forde as Janet

Another awful b-flick about evil "russkies"... Scenes of violence and
massacre are absolutely disgusting. Stupid, well-used plot and horrible
filming, particularly of the action scenes. Wooden (as usual) acting of
Lundgren... Needless to say that Dolph Lundgren himself looks as much
Russian as Bruce Lee and the Russian "baddies" speak so bad that the
one who understands the original language (like myself) needs English
subtitles to interpret what they actually wanted to say in (presumably)
Russian. Even the title itself makes me laugh as "Icarus" was actually
a brand name of popular soviet minibuses, so it sounds pretty much like
American spy named Chevrolet.

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