Killer Movie (2008)

Killer Movie (2008)

Director: Jeff Fisher

Cast: Paul Wesley as Jake Tanner, Kaley Cuoco as Blanca Champion, Gloria Votsis as Keir, Torrey DeVitto as Phoebe Hilldale, Jason London as Mike, Cyia Batten as Lee Tyson, Adriana DeMeo as Daphne, Al Santos as Luke, Nestor Carbonell as Seaton Brookstone, Hal B. Klein as Greg, Maitland McConnell as Erin Gorman, Robert Buckley as Nik, Leighton Meester as Jaynie Hansen, Andy Fischer-Price as Vance Carhartt, Stephen Pelinski as Coach Carhartt

I saw a private viewing of Killer Movie and was blown away with Jeff
Fisher's brilliant, imaginative twist in taking Reality Shows (and his
depth of experience in directing them) into a whole other realm. For
insiders there's hysterical insights and scenes. For general viewers, a
unique look through the camera when great looking Hollywood comes face
to face with right-wing, God fairing Middle-America. What does a smart,
young director do with a plethora of knowledge, years of grueling shoot
schedules, and a myriad of Divas and high maintenance talent? Parlay it
into the real horror of it all....a tight, smart movie that gives the
audience a roller coast ride of emotion and insight into how it all
looks from the inside and when you expand and explore the content, what
a horror it can develop into. Sex, abundance, attitude and verve
collide with the moral majority to provide a violent elixir. Well
written and tight this film will keep you thrilled. Great cast, great

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