Last Man Standing (1996/I)

Last Man Standing (1996/I)

Director: Walter Hill

Cast: Bruce Willis as John Smith, Bruce Dern as Sheriff Ed Galt, William Sanderson as Joe Monday, Christopher Walken as Hickey, David Patrick Kelly as Doyle, Karina Lombard as Felina, Ned Eisenberg as Fredo Strozzi, Alexandra Powers as Lucy Kolinski, Michael Imperioli as Giorgio Carmonte, Ken Jenkins as Capt. Tom Pickett, R.D. Call as Jack McCool, Ted Markland as Deputy Bob, Leslie Mann as Wanda, Patrick Kilpatrick as Finn, Luis Contreras as Comandante Ramirez

First of all I would like to say that people have to high expectations.
Films like this are not made to win oscars. There mostly guy films, with
high action and lots of sexual preference. But this was a solid film all
together. Willis gives a solid performace and so does Walken. The action
scenes are extremely good and provide much excitment. I gave this film an

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