Living Hell (2008) (TV)

Living Hell (2008) (TV)

Director: Richard Jefferies

Cast: Johnathon Schaech as Frank Sears / Dr. Yevgeni Tarasov, Erica Leerhsen as Carrie Freeborn, James McDaniel as Col. Erik Maitland, Jason Wiles as Glenn Freeborn, Terence Jay as Lt. Gregg Arbogast, Charissa Allen as Pfc. Aneta McQueen, Dylan Kenin as Sgt. Wayne Teegarden, Judy Herrera as Pfc. Una Fernandes, Vic Chao as Sgt. Walter Kinoshita, Josh Berry as Torbin Struss, Daniel Beer as Tristam Sears, Rick Herod as Gen. Kenneth Lavigne, Joshua Rollins as Pfc. Kermit Shourt, Darlene Kegan as Eleanore Sears, Diego Joaquin Lopez as Pvt. Tito Zaremba (as Diego Lopez)

No offense to stumpmee77, but to give this movie a "glowing, glowing
report" is like calling McDonalds a whole foods supermarket. "Living
Hell" is not only the title of the movie, but the experience one has
while watching it. I won't go into detail (it's too painful). The
general plot follows the sci-fi model of government experiment gone
horribly wrong. Perhaps fans of this movie who believe it to be unique
and exciting have never seen a sci-fi original in their lives, and to
them I suggest sitting down in front of their televisions this Saturday
and watching the newest film. We have the troubled protagonist, who's
insane mother carved some plot device into his hand (it turns out he
has a pretty messed up family - his dad's a government experiment).
There's the saucy military-associated female cohort of his; this movie
would not be a sci-fi movie unless the two of them hooked up. But they
do more than just "hook up," why, the protagonist rubs his blood all
over her in a scene that is equal parts confusing and disgusting.
Really, there are so many factual inaccuracies in this movie I am left
flabbergasted. Scientifically, this would be like if a movie decided to
save California from separating from the rest of America due to plate
tectonics it would be necessary to detonate nuclear bombs into the
city. Oh, wait, sci-fi aired a movie that did just that. This movie is
almost as absurd as a movie that would blow up the Loch Ness Monster in
Michigan. Oh, yeah, sci-fi nailed that sucker too. But I digress. If
one needs proof to realize this movie is not-so-good, I would direct
them to the scene in which, for no reason, a minor female character
rips off her shirt. The only "fear factor" present in this movie was
the fear of my IQ dropping while watching. I suggest this movie for
anyone who likes to laugh.

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