Mama's Boy (2007)

Mama's Boy (2007)

Director: Tim Hamilton

Cast: Jon Heder as Jeffrey Mannus, Diane Keaton as Jan Mannus, Jeff Daniels as Mert Rosenbloom, Anna Faris as Nora Flannigan, Eli Wallach as Seymour Warburton, Dorian Missick as Mitch, Sarah Chalke as Maya, Mary Kay Place as Barbara, Adam DeVine as Alhorn, Simon Helberg as Rathkon, Rhys Coiro as Trip, Hank Dougan as Young Jeffrey, Laura Kightlinger as Mert's Secretary, Dennis Cockrum as Bus Driver, Hank Nelken as Richard

This film is about a 29-year-old man who does not want to leave his
mother's side. When his mother gets herself a date, he does everything
to spoil it.

"Mama's Boy" could have been a good film with good jokes and
mischievous fights, but unfortunately it turned out rather mediocre.
There is a serious lack of chemistry between the characters, which
makes any of the relationships unconvincing. Jon Heder comes across as
a very annoying and irresponsible person, and that kills of any of the
remaining fun of the film. It is also a pity that Anna Faris is
delegated to such a minor supporting role. In short, "Mama's Boy" is a
below average comedy.

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