New Moon (2009)

New Moon (2009)

Director: Chris Weitz

Cast: Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan, Christina Jastrzembska as Gran / Bella, Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, Billy Burke as Charlie Swan, Anna Kendrick as Jessica, Michael Welch as Mike, Justin Chon as Eric, Christian Serratos as Angela, Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black, Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen, Jackson Rathbone as Jasper Hale, Russell Roberts as Mr. Berty, Michael Sheen as Aro Volturi, Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius Volturi, Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus Volturi

well to start off, I've read all four books, and saw the first movie
which i loathed.It had horrible acting, and cringe-worthy dialogue. so
i was extremely disappointed with that one.I saw the trailer for new
moon and became very anxious to see it. i was hoping it would be better
since they got a new director......well i was wrong.i got my tickets in
advance. pulled up to the theater with my mom-she has read the series
to and thought twilight sucked-and we couldn't sit together because
there was so many screaming teen girls.we got there half an hour
earlier thinking there'd be no one there..... anyways,so the movie
starts, i'm feeling pretty good.....sure as hell did not see this piece
of crap coming.WORST.ACTING. but not from everyone.just Kristen and
Robert.there was no chemistry at all between them as some claim. half
the time he wasn't even looking at her!he mumbles his lines and its
just BAD. then Kristen cant show emotion to save her life. she does
this rapid blinking thing i don't understand.if they were replaced it
would make a huge difference. Taylor was pretty good for the most part.
he over acted at times and it came off as fake to me. like something
you would see in a soap opera. but the rest of the Cullen clan,the wolf
pack,and her school mates were excellent. the cgi was good,had really
good stunt work. some lines seemed out of place to me. the leading
roles need to FEEL the words and not just say them nonchalantly. the
ending was bad to. they cut too many scenes from the book that would
make a big difference to. so overall I'm disappointed. why this is such
a big franchise i have no idea. fans are too obsessed, boggles my
mind.i was left dissatisfied, but of course the rabid fan base will

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