Ordinary Decent Criminal (2000)

Ordinary Decent Criminal (2000)

Director: Thaddeus O'Sullivan

Cast: Kevin Spacey as Michael Lynch, Linda Fiorentino as Christine Lynch, Peter Mullan as Stevie, Stephen Dillane as Noel Quigley, Helen Baxendale as Lisa, David Hayman as Tony Brady, Patrick Malahide as Commissioner Daly, Gerard McSorley as Harrison, David Kelly as Fr. Grogan, Gary Lydon as Tom Rooney, Paul Ronan as Billy Lynch, Colin Farrell as Alec (as Colin Farrel), Vincent Regan as Shay Kirby, Tim Loane as Jerome Higgins, Christoph Waltz as Peter

On the wings of the Sopranos era concept 'crime is a business as any other',
here comes the Irish version. The problem is that it lies entirely on the
shoulders of Oscar-touched Kevin Stacey. It tries to be a very Irish film,
with human and enjoyable gangsters, the cops are the villain, and the
victims never really show up. The charm relies entirely on Kevin Stacey's
performance, though some other good acting can be seen around - for example
Linda Fiorentino who gets too little screen time, in my opinion, and some
other supporting actors who must be Irish or British because they are both
good, as well as fresh faces. However, acting only cannot save the movie, it
is after all easy to forget, and certainly cannot provide the answer to the
key question - can ordinary decent criminals really be ordinary decent

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