Sexy Beast (2000)

Sexy Beast (2000)

Director: Jonathan Glazer

Cast: Ray Winstone as Gary 'Gal' Dove, Ben Kingsley as Don Logan, Ian McShane as Teddy Bass, Amanda Redman as Deedee Dove, James Fox as Harry, Cavan Kendall as Aitch, Julianne White as Jackie, Álvaro Monje as Enrique, Robert Atiko as Andy, Nieves del Amo Oruet as Air Hostess, Enrique Alemán Fabrega as Pilot, Gérard Barray as Spanish Official (as Gerard Barray), José Maria Cano Ramos as Felipe's Friend 1 (as José Ma. Cano Ramos), Desirée Erasmus as Jean, Santiago Frias Munoz as Policia 2

This is one fascinating dark little film. Supported by fierce
cinematography, black humour, chilling characters and strong language,
'Sexy Beast' works on many levels. It can be viewed as a conversational
film, a study of characters and a psychological thriller. The writing
is brilliant as some of the dialogues induce both humour and chill. The
screenplay is pretty tight, leaving no place for loose ends or
irrelevant subplots. Glazer's direction is wonderful as he keeps the
viewer engaged throughout the entire 90 minutes and effectively infuses
wicked humour and suspense. The characters are so interesting, while we
hate Logan, we sympathize with his counterfeit Gal who is a retired
gangster trying to live a straight life with his family and loyal
friends. Logan desperately wants him to do a job but Gal bravely yet
hesitantly turns it down. Logan won't give up and even he notices that
everybody hates him (which is beginning to make him feel powerless).
The cast deliver solid performances. Ray Winstone is amazing. He easily
conveys Gal's complexity and dilemma with pathos. Ben Kingsley as the
hatefully irritating and intimidating Logan is superb. Ian McShane is
scary. Amanda Redman is electrifying in a smaller role. 'Sexy Beast' is
one slick wicked little film. Not a movie for everyone, but worth
watching for those who enjoy black humour and dark cinema.

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