Smokin' Aces (2006)

Smokin' Aces (2006)

Director: Joe Carnahan

Cast: Ryan Reynolds as Richard Messner, Ray Liotta as Donald Carruthers, Joseph Ruskin as Primo Sparazza, Alex Rocco as Serna, Wayne Newton as Himself, Jeremy Piven as Buddy Israel, Ben Affleck as Jack Dupree, Peter Berg as "Pistol" Pete Deeks, Martin Henderson as Hollis Elmore, Common as Sir Ivy, Christopher Michael Holley as Beanie (as Christopher Holley), Andy Garcia as Stanley Locke, Mike Falkow as Freeman Heller, Joe Drago as FBI Aid, Jeff Habberstad as Top Coated Gunman

Smoking Aces is a film that tries hard, and in doing so is one that is
not going to be easy to describe. The basic plot revolves around the
central character "Aces" who is testifying against the mob, and in
return has a contract out on his head. Locked away in his suite in Las
Vegas, he is protected by the Fed, but there are multiple contract
killers (all different from each as can be imagined!) out to get him.

First hour seems to be stuck piecing the different contract killers
together and their background, whilst the Fed are shown to be trying to
figure out what is going on. No one set of actors though gets above the
others, and in doing so you have multiple stories in the film tied into
the whole premise of the film. Acting is great by the general assemble
which includes fine performances by Andy Garcia and Ray Liotta.

Problematically, the film tries to be too cool at the start, and
reminds me too much of "Things to do in Denver...." and so on. In
addition, the film is really confusing at points but is worth
persevering with nevertheless. The complexity makes it very original,
and you never know where its going, but it wraps up together in the
last 30mins which are more than worth the cinema ticket alone.

No classic, but enjoyable, original and interesting overall..

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