Sniper (1993)

Sniper (1993)

Director: Luis Llosa

Cast: Tom Berenger as Thomas Beckett, Billy Zane as Richard Miller, J.T. Walsh as Chester Van Damme, Aden Young as Doug Papich, Ken Radley as El Cirujano, Reynaldo Arenas as Cacique (as Reinaldo Arenas), Gary Swanson as NSC Officer in Washington, Hank Garrett as Admiral in Washington, Frederick Miragliotta as General Miguel Alavarez, Vanessa Steele as Mrs. Alvarez, Carlos Álvarez as Raul Ochoa, Tyler Coppin as Ripoly (as Tyler Copin), Teo Gebert as Ripolys Friend, Edward Wiley as DeSilva, William Curtin as Mountain Top Pilot

Despite some negative comments this film has garnered in the IMDb
pages, it's still worth a look as this is a story about survival and
camaraderie between two different men with different mentalities while
in a difficult mission in the Panamanian jungle.

Peruvian director Luis Llosa takes us along to watch this thriller set
in Panama. The film has some good moments as Beckett, the veteran
marine, takes a newly arrived man, recently sent to try to eliminate a
notorious drug cartel head and the corrupt army general who might be
the next president of the country. The only problem, Miller, has no
experience in what he has been entrusted to achieve.

Miller, the arrogant newly arrived man to the jungle and to the
guerrilla warfare between the military and drug lords against the
infiltrated American intelligence men, learns a valuable lesson from
Beckett. What looks good in theory, is irrelevant in the jungle.

Tom Berenger, is an actor who doesn't register much, as he proves in
this movie, but in the context of the movie, he is right as a man of a
few words. Billy Zane playing Miller does what he can with a role that
doesn't afford him any glory until the crucial end.

For lovers of action film, "Sniper" offers an 112 minutes of action
that with a bit of trimming would have made a more satisfying movie.

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