Stark Raving Mad (2002)

Stark Raving Mad (2002)

Director: David Schneider

Cast: Seann William Scott as Ben McGewan, Timm Sharp as Rikki Simms, Patrick Breen as Jeffrey Jay, John B. Crye as Jake Nealson (as John Crye), Suzy Nakamura as Betty Shin (as Suzi Nakamura), Lou Diamond Phillips as Gregory, Dave Foley as Roy, Kavan Smith as Michael Frakes, Paul Hungerford as Scott, Monet Mazur as Vanessa, Jody Racicot as D.J., Terry Chen as Jin Sun, Yee Jee Tso as Chan (Gang Member #1), Ty Olsson as Nate (Goon), Carl McDonald as Mitchell (Trannie)

I heard about this film starring Seann William Scott who is a fave actor of
mine, hunted the internet for days to get hold of it and wasn't disappointed
when it arrived. Fast-paced, high tempo entertainment starring Seann William
Scott as the guy who goes to extreme measures to help his pal pay off a
debt. Scott is great as usual in this role which is more serious than his
previous roles. Which is good so he doesn't get cast-typed as Stifler. The
film also has a good rave soundtrack which adds to the tempo of the film.
This may have been difficult to buy but it was well worth the hunt. An
excellent, highly recommended flick which you should see if you get the

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