Still Waiting... (2009) (V)

Still Waiting... (2009) (V)

Director: Jeff Balis

Cast: Adam Carolla as Ken Halsband, John Michael Higgins as Dennis, Rob Benedict as Calvin (as Robert Patrick Benedict), Steve Howey as Agnew, Rob Kerkovich as Mason, Andy Milonakis as Nick, Alanna Ubach as Naomi, Phillip Vaden as Joshua, Chris Williams as Chuck, Chi McBride as Bishop, Luis Guzmán as Raddimus (as Luis Guzman), Max Kasch as Theo, Vanessa Lengies as Natasha, Kirk Fox as Hank, Amanda Loncar as Suzy

Great movie, granted, not as good as the original but definitely worth
the watch. Almost everyone from the first makes an appearance in the
film, great 'reverse roles' and carry over humor without beating the
same jokes to death... HOWEVER, there is a bit of a problem with this
DVD... I purchased this DVD and after just 4 times of viewing the movie
the DVD started to have issues and got stuck in loops while playing,
mainly looping on the 'lionsgate films' opening screen... I've never
experience this issue with a DVD before and had a chance to try it in 5
other DVD players with the same issue on all of them, and considering
that the DVD is 2 days old and in PERFECT condition I can only assume
this was an issue with the printing/creation of this DVD. I've
contacted the DVD manufacturer and received no response and feel that
anyone wanting to see this movie might be better off renting it rather
than purchasing a DVD that may or may not work after the first week...

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