Tremors (1990)

Tremors (1990)

Director: Ron Underwood

Cast: Kevin Bacon as Valentine McKee, Fred Ward as Earl Bassett, Finn Carter as Rhonda LeBeck, Michael Gross as Burt Gummer, Reba McEntire as Heather Gummer, Robert Jayne as Melvin Plug (as Bobby Jacoby), Charlotte Stewart as Nancy Sterngood, Tony Genaro as Miguel, Ariana Richards as Mindy Sterngood, Richard Marcus as Nestor, Victor Wong as Walter Chang, Sunshine Parker as Edgar, Michael Dan Wagner as Old Fred, Conrad Bachmann as Dr. Jim, Bibi Besch as Megan

Go figure, but this movie was not exactly successful at the box office, I am
guessing it made a lot on video however. It has spawned two sequels and
even a television series. This one though was a fun movie to watch thanks
in large part to its cast. Kevin Bacon is good as the lead and Fred Ward is
also very good. They play a couple of friends living in a very small town
in the middle of nowhere. There only wish is to get out of this place and
get somewhere big, unfortunately something big is just under their feet.
Seems there are these snake creatures living underground and their going on
a killing spree. They seemed to have chased an old man up a power line
where he died of thirst, then they take out a farmer and his livestock, and
then they take out these two working on the side of the road. This movie is
rather bloody considering it is a pg-13 movie. The town meets and we are
introduced to more colorful characters like the survivalist couple, the
stingy grocery owner, and the annoying kid who loves to play a prank or two.
There is also a student there studying seismology or something and everyone
turns to her for the answers. This movie has a lot of comedy and some great
scenes and is an all around enjoyable movie.

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