Columbus Day (2008)

Columbus Day (2008)

Director: Charles Burmeister

Cast: Val Kilmer as John Cologne, Bobb'e J. Thompson as Antoine, Richard Edson as Manny, Marg Helgenberger as Alice, Ivana Milicevic as Cheryl, Lobo Sebastian as Jimmy Espinosa, Michael Muhney as Detective Daniels, Sean Blakemore as Officer Walters, Wilmer Valderrama as Max, Ashley Johnson as Alana, Mark Kelly as Leonard, Miles Platt as Edward, Jack McGee as Paul, Courtney Thomas as Woman, Shelley Malil as Babul

Bobb'e J. Thompson (playing an African American boy, who befriends Val
Kilmer in the movie, "Columbus Day" (2008), have a wonderful chemistry.
It is their friendship, and their experience in Echo Park where Kilmer
is hiding out, that makes the dialog work. Wilmer Valderrama puts in an
electrifying performance. Marg Helgenberger provides much emotion and
tension, as we learn about her relationship with Kilmer, and the little
girl he does not know.

The acting, editing, cinematography, and music are good. The dialog is
written effectively, so that it pulls you in, and makes you want to
know more about the individual relationships interwoven with the people
Kilmer telephones from Echo Park. Without any doubt, an excellent
script helps to bring the people together, in a custom-designed
patchwork quilt of messages (on the telephone) and conversations (in
Echo Park). Bobb'e J. Thompson's goal is to help Val Kilmer find a
better life. Will the boy succeed? This film is definitely worth
watching, and I rate it an 8 out of 10.

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