Command Performance (2009)

Command Performance (2009)

Director: Dolph Lundgren

Cast: Dolph Lundgren as Joe, Melissa Ann Smith as Venus (as Melissa Smith), Hristo Shopov as President Petrov, Dave Legeno as Oleg Kazov, Zahary Baharov as Mikhail, Clement von Franckenstein as Ambassador Bradley, Ivaylo Geraskov as Leonid, Shelly Varod as Ali Connor, Katarzyna Wolejnio as Major Pavlikova, Ida Lundgren as Anna Petrov, Robin Dobson as Yana Petrov, Raicho Vasilev as Anton, Slavi Slavov as Simenov, James Chalke as Vladimir, Naum Shopov as Peter

There are lots of bad lines like that in this movie.

"Dying's easy. Rock and Roll is hard." Really? Wow, written and
directed by Dolph Lungren, there's lots of cheesy dialog and scenes to
laugh at. If he would have taken out all the shaky camera stuff and
learned how to direct fight scenes, it would have been a star better -
anytime there's any kind of combat or fighting, the camera closes in
(when he takes the gun from the security guy, all we see is him turn
around and suddenly he's got the gun - there's lots of stuff like

The "teen" lead singer "Venus" says to Dolph "you're kind of cute for
an old guy" and Dolph's band members kid him "old guy - hehehe." Uh,
yeah, by 25 years, even more if you consider the girl is supposed be
younger than she is in real life.

And of course, as it clearly is in Russia, everyone speaks English with
bad Russian accents. The worst of this of course was the two daughters
(one of them is apparently Dolph's real life daughter). There's some
pretty bad acting in this.

With some script punching up and a better director, it might not have
been too bad. Dolph is still perfect for action movies of this type (I
believe - someone needs to give him a good script to do, I think in the
right movie he'd be great) and clearly this thing had a budget, it just
needed more competent people making it.

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