Resurrecting the Champ (2007)

Resurrecting the Champ (2007)

Director: Rod Lurie

Cast: Samuel L. Jackson as Champ, Josh Hartnett as Erik Kernan Jr., Kathryn Morris as Joyce Kernan, Dakota Goyo as Teddy Kernan, Alan Alda as Ralph Metz, Rachel Nichols as Polly, Teri Hatcher as Andrea Flak, Kristen Shaw as Perlmutter, Nick Sandow as Marciano, David Paymer as Whitley, Harry Lennix as Bob Satterfield Jr., Peter Coyote as Ike Epstein, Ryan McDonald as Kenny, Chris Ippolito as Jaws, Jameson Trenholm as Runt

This movie is a gem, perhaps hasn't been marketed enough for most
people to know it. But way better than half the stuff that is out there
now, and a totally unexpected story. I'd definitely suggest going to
see it before it's out of theaters. Samuel L. Jackson does an
extraordinary job in a role you wouldn't normally associate him with.
And Josh Hartnett really proves he's got acting chops. This is yet
another film that proves that you don't need a blockbuster hit to find
quality entertainment. It's well written, it's well acted, and in the
ever predictable world that is most Hollywood products Resurrecting the
Champ is a beacon of original beauty.

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