Revolver (2005/I)

Revolver (2005/I)

Director: Guy Ritchie

Cast: Jason Statham as Jake Green, Ray Liotta as Dorothy Macha, Vincent Pastore as Zach, André Benjamin as Avi, Terence Maynard as French Paul, Andrew Howard as Billy, Mark Strong as Sorter, Francesca Annis as Lily Walker, Anjela Lauren Smith as Doreen, Elana Binysh as Rachel, Mem Ferda as Macha's Goon, Shend as Teddy (Billy's Bodyguard), Bill Moody as Al, Stephen Walters as Joe, Vincent Riotta as Benny

I'm giving ten out of ten it's one of the best movies ever. Absolutely
smashed, stunned and dazed by the whole picture, marvellous playing of
Jason Statham, Ray Liotta and all the crew, amazing plot... Just look
into yourself and pluck up your courage to admit-it touched your soul,
because it's strange, but there are all the answers you've been ever
looking for... The very best, mr. Ritchie! THE VERY BEST EVER. Those
who were looking for a simple figtings and skirmish keep yelling they
are disappointed. But there are lots of shallow movies in Hollywood
nowadays, you can't remember what it was about the next day you had
seen it. On the contrary, Revolver is unique, I could have hardly
expected it's possible to portray such a clear and genius picture of
myself, of everyone who was to watch it. Absolutely unsurpassed,
astounding, dazzling... One can get insight watching this, I have no
doubt about that. Actually, no words can express my admiration... I'm
still wondering how it was possible to shoot such a movie after years
of giddy Hollywood rubbish we had been watching. Thank you from all
heart, it's simply the best.

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